Why Teens Are Opting Out of Drivers Ed

Some teens take auto-drivers ed as a rite of passage that they assume they will undergo before they are able to get their driving license. Getting license at the age of 16 years old used to be the ultimate freedom. More and more teens are getting their drivers license without the benefit of studying the rules of the road and the recent study shows that there are few reasons to put off getting their license;

  1. Lacking the funds to pay high gas prices and car insurance premiums
  2. Difficulty in buying or owning a car because of a tough economy
  3. Fewer school-based programs that can support drivers education
  4. Issues of high demands of school and homework

The following are reasons why some teens are opting out of drivers ed;

  • More or less threats on the road

Drivers’ license requires deal on more on passing a written exam and an actual driving test behind the wheel, the education teens may need in order to pass these tests is not required by every state. Teens are suggested by the research taken that, he/she do not take drivers ed but still got their licenses are not necessarily making road to any less safe. See more.

  • The benefits of taking an online course

Teens should take in mind that taking a driver training course is the best way to start a life of driving. However, it is designed to teach them to be safe and responsible drivers. Therefore, they can look forward to learning about the following basis;

  1. Vehicle basics; pedals and mirrors, dashboard controls
  2. Safe driving in different weather conditions
  3. How to minimize in car distractions and the dangers of distracted driving
  4. The effects of drugs and alcohol on driving
  5. The important rules of the road
  6. City traffic, country traffic, highway traffic and the differences between each.
  • Updating the curriculum offers more safety in numbers

It is important to understand the basic curriculum for drivers’ education programs has gone relatively unchanged for many years. However, improving and updating the overall course model along with a continued effort of supervised practice driving. Ultimately, it is a focus on education that can help to enlighten teens to study and become better drivers. The safe teenage driver is one which has all tools that is needed at the disposal and the better drivers’ education is the key to safer roads and even more informed mind set while in the driver’s seat.

  • Teens see a delay as better

There is a shift in what the freedom means today, where for a lot of teenagers getting a drivers license when they turn age of 17 or even 18, has become much more common. Some teens however do not see the importance of getting a license at 16 anymore and even if they have the means to do it and by delaying the request to obtain their license, it becomes a lot easier to opt out teenage drivers ed. More details in site: http://www.rookiedriver.net/Driving-Tips.html


The Best Gifts to Buy for New Drivers Who Just Received Their License

When I try to think back to being a new driver it is hard to recapture that feeling. I do not think I can even remember the specific day that I passed my driving test. I must have been filled with joy, so excited to enter this new club where grownups and teenagers coexisted. I always wanted to drive as far back as I can remember, I thought about all the freedom it would give me, and it also seemed so fun. However now, I am not as excited to be on the road. The novelty has worn off and I would now much rather be a passenger than a driver. It is funny because even when I did drive I was always very cautious and a bit of a nerd about it. If you are like me and can barely remember your teenage years, it might be hard to imagine what someone who has just received their license would want for a gift. I have two teenage children, one with their license and one just about to get it, so I thought I would poll them and their friends about what they feel like they would most want and need. Here are a few ideas:

A Gas Gift Card

Every new driver is excited to drive around even if for no reason, but what they quickly realize, is that it still costs money to drive around aimlessly even if you are not spending money at a destination. A great gift is a gas card for the gas station in their neighborhood. It will definitely be used, and they will surely be thankful. Something like this will make them feel like they have just received free money.

An Ice Scraper

I guess it depends where you live, but if you are anywhere that has snow or ice, you will definitely need and ice scraper. Of course, these are not that expensive and can seem like a thoughtless gift, it is really a useful tool and will be much appreciated

An Automatic Car Starter

I wouldn’t recommend getting this gift unless it is for your own child or someone you are very close with because it can be kind of pricey. However, if you are willing to pay the price, you can get one of these online or at an auto dealer. I would make sure you splurge for a quality one because it can be a real pain when they break and often expensive to replace.

A Flower Arrangement

Thought not exactly for their car, this will be a gift that most people would not think of. You might even be able to figure out what the new driver’s favorite flowers are. I suggest getting something that will last a few days and maybe even purchasing a vase to go with it. My go to flower vendor is 1800flowers because they have so much variety and the prices are great. You will be guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for with them.

Drivers’ Education: Getting a Drivers’ License

Drivers’ education is a set of training to obtain the learner’s permit or Drivers’ License. Motor handling is a responsibility of a driver. In Car Drivers’ Education, Hands-on training and courses are designed to provide driving skills that are auto-managing, creating the road-sense, and repair. However, Drivers Education is proposed to augment the in-depth knowledge provided by government- released driving manuals and handbooks and prepare the students to produce skilled drivers by getting learners’ permit and drivers’ license.

Drivers Education Basics: The Six things every Driver should know how to do it

A drivers’ education course is the primary requirement by many agencies before the young drivers get their learner’s permit or a car driving license.  There are plenty of auto drivers who do not admit that the simple things they never learned. However, there is something to boost the car drivers’ skills in real time situations. Apparently, the occasional courses cannot use in the automotive common sense. The available manuals of any car depict the step-by-step operations of everything in the car. After all, based on manufacturer advice it has to be considering that a car driver or auto driver is a moron. It cannot overlook that beginners or young car driver’s need the following primary challenges guide for automotive operations- the stuff that compulsorily learned in the Drivers’ Education course.

  • How to change a tire
  • How to jump start a car
  • How to check tire pressure
  • How to get unstuck
  • How to check you oil
  • How to spot cops

Driver Improvement Programs

Drivers Education also approved the driver improvement program’s goal is to provide a driving program that meets the public driving and the court system driving requirements. Usually, this course included the training: the introduction of the risk management, being ready to drive, how visual awareness is effective, Road Sharing, Using Speech and Space effectively, DO NOT use alcohol and other drugs while driving, Distractions and Drowsiness and Emotion controls, How to tackle the Driving Emergencies.

During the Drivers Education course hours, teaching the Critical decision making must be in the seconds is the part of this course by simulating the situations for trainees. This program correctly uses the videos and case studies of accidents to aware the tragic consequences.

Behind-the- wheel instructions made in two-three-hour session while the students are getting ready to prepare any skill level that is teaching by the car driver educational instructor.

Auto driver education always mainly focused on the no-distraction training, where a professional car driver instructor teaches the skills that needed to pass the road test, skills to be the defensive driver, skills to successfully recover a car which has the drift to the accidents.

Online Drivers Education and Online Drivers Improvement Program

Acquiring online driving education is most convenient and affordable. It is simple, no-sweat and effortless to pass the test. It is the platform where a learner has its own study schedule. And let it take the course when they feel like it their comfort.

A professional auto driver must be aware of:

  • State traffic laws and rules of the road
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Highway and city driving etiquette
  • How to drive in inclement weather conditions

Check out this link for more informations and tips: http://rookiedriver.net/